Trip Planning

Designed for freelance pilots or owner managed aircraft, our Trip Planning and Concierge Service can remove all the headaches associated with trip planning, especially if you are going somewhere new or unusual.

All flights are planned and controlled from a manned 24/7 Operations Centre in the UK. We can manage trip requests from beginning to end including not only normal flight planning requests but a complete service from the point you leave your house or hotel, to the point you arrive back home. Our Trip Planning and Concierge Services include:

  • Flight Planning and full flight pack provided to crew directly or via handling agent
  • Overflight and landing permits, slot arrangements in accordance with schedule
  • Handling and Ground Services
  • Immigration liaison
  • Hangarage or Parking
  • Fuel prices
  • Catering/Newspapers
  • Booking of hotels and suitable ground transport for passengers and crew

Our team will monitor all aspects of the flight from the first movement to the final drop-off, using state of the art software our team plan pro-actively and remain flexible to accommodate changing needs at short notice.