Cessna Citation C525 CJ

The Cessna Citation C525 CJ is an ideal solution for business travel from the UK for Domestic flights or to various European destinations, especially for shorter trips and urgent requests. Known for its combination of performance, comfort, reliability and efficiency, the C525 CJ is designed to meet the rigorous demands of time-sensitive travel.


With a range of approximately 1,200 miles, the C525 CJ can effortlessly connect clients between cities in the UK and onwards into Europe, ensuring swift and direct travel. Its cruising speed enables passengers to reach their destinations promptly, making it an excellent choice for urgent business trips where time is critical. The aircraft’s cabin offers a comfortable and productive environment, allowing passengers to either focus on work or relax during their journey. This makes the Cessna Citation C525 CJ a reliable and versatile option for business travelers seeking to optimize their efficiency and comfort on shorter trips and urgent travel requests across Europe.

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