Case Studies and Successes

Specialists in the operation and management of high performance, high value private jets and helicopters. See below case studies of aircraft that we have managed, brought to market, sold, and operated over the years. We support the owner through every stage of the asset management journey. We can assist with aircraft selection to meet mission requirement, specification to ensure that the aircraft is suitable to task, and entry into service.

Our experience is such that we are able to provide detail on every element of the ownership process. Transparent financial reporting and insight ensure that your asset is management diligently and utilized effectively.

When the time is right to move on to a new Aircraft or when our service is no longer required, NALjets are there to assist with the marketing and sale of the aircraft. We’ll be there through every step of the journey, providing honest, accurate and sensible advice. Client care is never compromised at any stage.  

Currently Operated…


Operated 24/7, the Citation Jet is the NALjets utility private jet of choice.

Based in Newcastle and currently operated to fully utilise hire arrangements that meet the need of private persons and business.

Naljets have chosen to allocate our aircraft onto an “Air Operator Certificate” to allow clients to charter the jet for individual trip. See our Charter page for more Information.


The DA42 will be used by NALjets for complex advanced training, multi engine ratings, instrument ratings, renewals and revalidations.

Previously Operated…

Challenger 350

NALjets facilitated the aquisition, entry into service, operation and charter oversight for the first UK based Challenger 350.

The aircraft was operated extensively around Europe, the Middle East and Africa privately and commercially.

NALjets were instructed to negotiate the sale and transition when the owners requirement for the aircraft was ended.

Challenger 605

Private managed Bombardier Challenger 605’s for high profile Middle Eastern and European clients respectively. Operated exlusively for the owners with full crewing, engineering oversight and trip support.

Gulfstream G200

A fully managed Gulfstream for a UK based client, operated privately and commercially placed on an AOC and charter exclusively at owners discretion to maximise utilisation.

King Air C90 AOG Support

Years of experience in the world of rapid response flying saw NALjets operating a King Air C90 on 24/7 AOG support for a large UK based Airline.

And many more….